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Fall Lecture: Maya MacGuineas, Just How Bad is the Federal Budget Situation? - Shared screen with speaker view
Carl Hausmann
Why didn't we extend the maturity of our debt a few years ago? Mnuchin talked about selling long term bonds, but as I recall the government didn’t do this.
Mark Nadel
The Committee's website is www.crfb.org
Gary Cahn
Correct me if I'm wrong. I believe that Japan's debt is over 200% of GDP. If they can get away with that, why can't we get away with 100%
John Bargeron
Could you elaborate on the impact of closing off immigration on the economy. We are presented regularly with two conflicting narratives: one is the picture of uncontrolled immigrants flooding across our borders; the other is that many areas of the economy are suffering from lack of workers because of cut-backs on immigration.
Zeev Lahat
Is default on our debt even a remote possility?
Carl Hausmann
As intereest rates go up, the stock market goes down - so be it. I think a long term bond at 4 % is indeed a good thing. Money should have value and long term rates at 1 % become a “moral hazzard”. With rates so low countries and companies were borrowing too much. Once the rates. go up, the “piper” must be paid! What are your thoughts on interest rates?
Fred Biery
What is the "best" way to raise revenue ?
Gary Cahn
You offered a large number of wonderful ideas to solve our financial problems. Because we can't do everything at once, if you could only make one change, what would that be?
Fred Biery
Could you expand on the risk of having foreigners holding our debt and buying even more of our debt
The real issue with immigration is not at our borders but in Latin America -- the crises in these countries that is generating the migrants fleeing violence and chaos. Not enough is said about these problems and the role of the US in them.
John Bargeron
What are the areas where we are not bringing in enough high-skill immigrants and why are we falling short?
Should Biden have granted student debt relief?
Doug Snoeyenbos
What percent of the US debt is held by China?
John Bargeron
Most international transaction are denominated in the dollars. Do you see any reasonable medium-term chance that the yet could compete with the dollarWhat impact would it have if thprimary internatiocompetitive currency, such as the yen.