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Serendipity Talk: Danny Kaye: King of the Jesters - Shared screen with speaker view
michele miller
Pronounced "toomler"
Walter Kamiat & Dee Mahan
I think he meant “dentist’s daughter”.
Richard R. Palmer
What was the source of Sylvia's skill/talent as patter song writer? Was she a college graduate? And did she have a show biz career in her own right??
Sandy Weiswasser
When he croons, he sounds like Bing Crosby.
Richard R. Palmer
That chalice and pestle and that damn flagon was a highlight oof my childhood and I have worried about it ever since….. Now I won't sleep for days….
Jerry Sachs
Dan, thanks for the extraordinary research and development of this wonderful presentation of Danny Kay……..we now have a terrific understanding of his life and talent
Christina Schoux
We were in England in 1948, my father assigned to the Embassy. He was a devoted Danny Kaye fan. Thank you for this talk!
Richard R. Palmer
Thanks very much forbrinnging him back