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Fall Lecture: Juliette Kayyem, The Devil Never Sleeps: Learning to Live in an Age of Disasters - Shared screen with speaker view
Judy Wagner
Will this talk be available onLine after it is over?
Mark Nadel
John Bargeron
What about water issues -- drought and water shortages in the west, polluted water affecting large numbers of people such as in Jackson, Mississippi, threats to ground water through activities such as fracking? Is anyone looking at the issue of clean water on a national scale that pulls all these threats together?
lynn lewis
How can you prepare for avoidance g a situation like water shortage/pollution in Jackson, Michigan fan, Warm Springs Tribe in Oregon
what about the people who say they don’t have the money to evacuate as I am reading in the papers?
Ken Speckler
I assume that the folks who you speak of as saying 'oh- we'll be take care of -loss wise- however don't you think that the insurance co's will step in and charge much highr costs,--if tey will even insure you ?----