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Serendipity Talk: Life in the Golden Age of Hollywood and Washington - Shared screen with speaker view
Lesley Diaz
We'll be taking questions shortly. Please use your hand raising feature or chat to ask a question.
Ellen Quinn
What is your take on the "studio system" as it exists today? What is today's "studio system?"
Geraldine Ostrove
The host's voice sounds distant and can barely be heard, at least by me.
Gordon Kit
What is your view of the Netflix model of film making?
Ellen Quinn
Just what does a film "producer" do?
Yours and your father's wartime and later films are still the best face of America. to present to the world -- global classics. I was born in Hawaii just after Pearl Harbor, and I grew up seeing your father’s films. In college european films were being introduced to new audiences, and the Stevens' films and your work fo AFI and more still set the highest standards, and are a model to the world of what the US can achieve in that medium, including the replays on television. A Big Thank you, and to host Lesley Diaz !!
PS. I look forward to reading your book, too!
Can the moderator repeat the question that are made by the audience please?
stanley newman Newman
What do you think of the future of film with the younger generation being absorbed with social media