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Fall 2022 Open House (Hybrid) - Shared screen with speaker view
Sandra Sellers
Will you send out a list of lectures so we can put them on the calendar? Some of them sound really interesting! Thanks.
Carol and stan
Please mentioned fund raising stan newman
Betsy White/Chuck Elkins
Are OLLI members allowed to take the AU shuttle. WE used to be able to avail ourselves of that service, but it was cancelled when Covid hit. I think I have seen the shuttle on the street but have not heard whether OLLI members can take advantage of the service now.
Paul MacDonald
If I join for just the Fall semester, will I lose access to those classes after the end of the semester? Is there an advantage to pay for both semesters so you have access to both semesters?
Lois Neuman
Please remind to complete evaluations after taking a class. Very helpful to the SGL.
Richard R. Palmer
Please be sure to repeat the questions!
Richard R. Palmer
Last oone re Pkg not repeated…
Richard R. Palmer
Re Evals: often not constructive; please preach constructive
Sandra Sellers
Once you pay the semester fee to OLLI-AU, does that give you reciprocal privileges to OLLI courses at other academic institutions?