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Serendipity Talk: Judy Ikels, Death in Wartime China, A Daughter’s Discovery - Shared screen with speaker view
Marion Connell
This is a terrific story. Thanks for sharing it.
Marion Connell
The speaker strongly resembles her father!
Jeanie Montgomery
My father was with the Corps of Engineers in that part of China late in the war after having been in Burma. He told of hiring Chinese workers to build things and I wonder if the airfield might have been one of the projects he was involved in. Do you have any information about archive data that would indentify who built these airfields?
Marion Connell
Have you been able to stay in touch with the Li's? Or the teacher at the local school?
Marc Lackritz
Thanks for sharing your father’s story. My Dad was also a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps, also stationed in Kunming with the Flying Tigers. But my Dad administered the military hospital there, did not fly, and survived the War (and fathered me!). My Dad took my Mother back to Kunming in 2000 to visit where he’d been, and spent much of the rest of his life —7 more years, remembering and discussing this extraordinary experience! Thanks for bringing back these memories for me!
Jeanie Montgomery
Thank you. jeaniemontgomery@yahoo.com I know about the ST Louis fire, too. I hoped maybe the national archives here in College Park might have such info.
Jerry Sachs
Your father was an extraordinary hero, did the airforce honor him with a medal?
Jerry Sachs
a purple heart, he dserves much more for saving his crew
Jerry Sachs
there needs to be an effort to award him with much more
Jerry Sachs
this is an extreem oversight
Jerry Sachs
are their any survivors families who can testify?
Jerry Sachs
what an incrediable story the Chinese have honored him but the US has not. wow!
Jerry Sachs
this needs to be redtified
Jerry Sachs
Sharon Koblinsky
Remnd me the link to Pat Lucas