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Lecture - Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine, Politics and Prose - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Schlegel
Bookstores have always been a part of every community I have lived in; large and small. I appreciate all that you are doing and thankful for your community mindfulness.
Mary Schlegel
We are fortunate to have you.
Rosanne Hurwitz
With the pandemic, the definition of shopping "local" has expanded to other independent booksellers. Other indies offer different shipping prices, used books, charges for book talks - with everything on the internet, how do you compete with the Book Passages, Strand, etc.
Martha Cutts
Do you have to reach out to authors to get them to speak or are authors so eager to speak because P & P has such a strong reputation?
Mauri Osheroff
I want to thank you for your classes. I love the literature classes, many of which have outstanding teachers. I had taken a couple of live classes, and since your classes transitioned to Zoom I’ve taken many more. It has been a source of great intellectual enjoyment during the pandemic. Do you intend to continue some Zoom classes after the pandemic? This would be great for people in other locations, as well as for those like me who sometimes find logistical challenges such as difficult parking an obstacle.
John Chester
Would you expand on your comment about minimum wage increases being challenging?
Ellen Moody
I live in Alexandria, Va but I used to come to the bookstore to buy books there for the classes I take and also to have coffee and food downstairs with others. That made me buy more locally. I wanted to say that I find that I can take more classes via zoom - I can't drive at night. Others in the classes miss real people meeting but they also say the classroom was small and they enjoy the convenience and availability of the zooms?
Washington is full of highly educated and intellectually curious folks. Do you think an independent bookstore, perhaps less ambitious than P&P, could survive in a smaller city or town? Would you have any advice for someone with the dream of opening a small bookstore cafe in a smaller community?
Jack Friedenthal
From: Jo Anne Friedenthal Thank you for continuing and expanding on the wonderful tradition of P &P . Are there any plans to further expand the physical space of the flagship store?
Mary Schlegel
What you have done is a good model for any small business