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Serendipity Talk: Uncovering New Possibilities: Insights From Our Time - Shared screen with speaker view
Judy Wagner
It is very hard to make close friends as we age, lacking a long history of shared experience. How to deal with this.
.Eleanor Heginbotham@
On the right and left brain division: may we blame our failure (too often as we age) to remember a proper name (author/ title) but can remember everything else about the book or person on that division. Does one part of the brain age more quickly than the other?
Barry Friedman
OLLI has been a great resource during this isolating period. And I did not miss the travel. So many educational, religious-related, and family groups have risen to the challenge and opportunities to use online tools for connection, mental engagement and coordinated interests. But I can imagine it did not work well for many people. We're looking for opportunities to do more volunteer work.
Alice hogan
Women have to overcome evaluation bias, stereotyping, unequal pay, lack of affordable day care, before they have a chance to become leaders. Those are high barriers!
.Eleanor Heginbotham@
As we are all moving closer to it, what happens after death becomes the great mystery about which we are more and more curious. How do the Eastern religions compare with Christian/ Judaic/ Islamic ideas about this subject? Small question, hu?
Barry Friedman
Is it now out-of-bounds to consider child day care a matter for family (i.e., parental) decision-making through discussion and compromise over a period of years before and after births? With whatever outside resources are available and affordable, including grandparents, trades with friends, and paid services. Is there a foundation for making this a public tax-supported entitlement?
Judy Wagner
I take issue with the statement that the better run countries are run by women. Could it be that the societies willing to elect women to leadership are collectively more community oriented. I.e., the attitudes toward women leads to greater chances for women, not that women are inherentY better leaders.